Serving drinks

Frequently asked questions


Do you provide alcohol?
No, we don’t (and can’t) purchase or sell alcohol. But we can serve any alcohol you provide to you and your guests. We’ll review your drink wishlist, then provide you with a full shopping list, including quantities, of everything you’ll need to get. You’ll buy everything ahead of time, and provide them for us to open, mix, and/or serve.
Do you offer non-alcoholic drinks?
Yes, absolutely! We can serve a wide variety of non-alcoholic options, including sodas, juices, and custom-mixed mocktails for any event. Hydration stations with water, iced tea, and/or lemonade are also available as add-ons to any package.
How many bartenders do you provide?
We can supply professionally certified and trained bartenders, or leave the bar staff to you. We typically suggest one bartender for up to 50 guests. Two bartenders (max, since that’s all that will fit) for more than 50 guests. If you hire the bar staff, you’ll need to use only certified and trained bartenders to stay within the requirements of our liquor and liability insurance.
Can you provide glassware?
Yes. We typically use plastic for convenience and safety reasons. However, we can upgrade to glassware for an additional fee. We can offer a variety of glasses to fit your event’s theme and style.
Can you provide a custom cocktail menu?
Yes, we can create a custom cocktail menu based on your preferences and event theme. We can also help you come up with a creative and unique signature cocktail or two to perfectly tailor your beverage menu.
What’s included in your mobile bar packages?
All our packages come with the essentials. Mobile bar packages include a fully stocked bar, trained bartenders, bar tools and equipment, disposable cups, napkins, and ice. We’ll take care of setup and cleanup of the bar area. We provide the bar trailer, liquor liability insurance to keep things legal, and a printed bar menu.
What kind of cost are we talking?
Every event is different, so please do fill out our quote request form with your event information, and if we’re available for your event date, we’ll get back to you with a full quote (or clarifying questions) as soon as we can. As a general rule, you can typically think in the range of $200–$500 per hour, including bartending staff.
How far in advance should I book your services?
We recommend booking as early as possible to ensure availability. Especially for peak wedding and event seasons. We typically require at least 2–3 months notice for bookings, but can sometimes accommodate last-minute requests, depending on availability.

Trailer logistics

How big is the mobile bar?
The Flock Cart is converted from a 1968 Miley horse trailer, which originally held up to two horses at a time. While the trailer is small, and can often fit into tight spaces, it requires clearance for us to be able to pull or back in with a full-size vehicle. Once detached, the trailer itself is 12′ long from tongue to rear, 6′ wide, and 8′-2″ tall.
What are the location requirements?
We can fit the bar almost anywhere where there’s plenty of space to pull it in or back it in with a full-size SUV, like driveways, warehouses with large garage doors, parking lots, even the street in front of your house. The resting, unhitched location needs to be fairly flat and level. And we need access to a single electrical outlet within 100 feet. We can make minor adjustments if the ground isn’t completely level.
How long does setup take?
Setup typically takes 1–2 hours depending on the size and complexity of the event, and what type of drinks we’re serving for you. We will work with you to determine the best time to arrive and set up for your event.
What’s inside your mobile bar?
Good question, as you don’t often see much of the inside. The challenges of fitting everything inside a small space are similar to what you may have seen with tiny houses. We outfitted The Flock Cart with a beverage fridge, a large restaurant-grade stainless steel ice well, a stainless steel sink (with its own pump, fresh water supply, and drain tank), a sturdy stainless steel prep/serving table, coolers, custom LED and neon lighting, and professionally installed electrical to keep everything we power safe and kosher. It’s an awesome setup, and bartenders who have worked in our mobile bar love it.
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we are fully licensed and insured with liquor and liability insurance to provide mobile bar services. We can provide proof of insurance upon request.

The Flock Cart was such an amazing addition to our fundraising event. It attracted lots of attention, and helped us raise even more than we thought possible. Thank you!

Julianne P.
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